Rains vs. Stutterheim

Rains / Stutterheim
Photocred: Boozt.com
Since I'm living in Sweden there's a must to own a good rain jacket, and to be honest, I have never bought a good rain jacket in my life. So now that we have Aria, and she loves being outside, maybe it is time to invest in one. Erik has a Rains long jacket in green and i was thinking of getting the pink version. But then, I do love Stutterheims design, and maybe I can be bold and choose a brighter colour, like orange or yellow. What do you think?

Summer activity: Pop Up

Pics from the Swop Shops POP UP store at Triangel, Malmö
During the summer I have been doing a lot of stuff and planning a pop up store is one of them. I organized with different decor stores to borrow the interior, I handpicked clothes from Swop Shop, I builded the store from scratch and spend 1 week at the pop up. I'm really happy with the result and I'm not going to lie, it was a huge amount of work behind it.  Did you visited our pop up?
Pic: Lamp from Green Furniture, metall boxes from Søstrene Grene and amazing plants from the best Florista.

Let the bee fall!

Photo from feetfirst
And summer past by and I have been a really bad blogger, but I will tell you more about my summer later. Today it's raining and I just found this amazing boots that are screaming my name. There's something about the combinatios of gold and fall that makes my heart jump. And these beauties are from Steve Madden.