Monkey Glasses

First image: My own Monkey glasses
Other: Screen shots from
Are you searching for eco friendly and super good-looking-glasses? Well I just found them for you, they are eco friendly and cotton made, so you shape them to fit your face by using water. I love mine and I had them for 3 years. And now, everytime I see other sunglasses, no mather the price, I always think about my Monkey glasses. You don't need to own sveral pairs of sunglasses, I went from having 10 different pairs to having 4:
2 Monkey glasses, 1 from H&M and 1 from Ginatricot, the last 2 I use when we are at the beach and I don't want to bring my Monkey glasses.  My H&M and Ginatricot glasses are over 5 year old. I have a custome to always keep my sunglasses in a case so they will be protected. I do believe that no matter how much the item cost you should always be careful with your stuff. Don't you?

On My Body: T-shirt KENZO x HM

If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I wore this outfit last friday! I just forget to upload them here aswell. This skirt I got from my mother in law and the t-shirt, well most of you probably remeber the Kenzo collaboration with H&M last fall.
Ps. so sorry for the bad toilet selfie...

New In Closet: Micmacbag

Okej, maybe not so new since it has been living with us since december, but this are the small things that makes me happy. This is how I try to live, perfect but it is ok to have flaws...