I have never been a big fan of Mumin and I think it is because I never watched it as a kid. Now, I'm really enjoing watching it, but Aria isn't, even though I'm trying to engage her in the story, but she loves the Mumin books that we have at home. We also have some friends loving the whole Mumin serie, so I send them a Mumin book and a simply sketched card congratulating them on their newest family member. And I noticed that I'm not that bad at sketching, just as long as I do the simple stuff....

Monkey Glasses

First image: My own Monkey glasses
Other: Screen shots from
Are you searching for eco friendly and super good-looking-glasses? Well I just found them for you, they are eco friendly and cotton made, so you shape them to fit your face by using water. I love mine and I had them for 3 years. And now, everytime I see other sunglasses, no mather the price, I always think about my Monkey glasses. You don't need to own sveral pairs of sunglasses, I went from having 10 different pairs to having 4:
2 Monkey glasses, 1 from H&M and 1 from Ginatricot, the last 2 I use when we are at the beach and I don't want to bring my Monkey glasses.  My H&M and Ginatricot glasses are over 5 year old. I have a custome to always keep my sunglasses in a case so they will be protected. I do believe that no matter how much the item cost you should always be careful with your stuff. Don't you?

DIY: Toy Storage Bin

I got an order to make a new basket for toys, and so I did. I hope they are happy with the result. I sure am! <3