When time flyes...

I'm so sorry, I'm planning a conference dinner, I'm writting my conference paper, I'm working extra at Minc, I'm volunteer working at Swop Shop, We got sick and had to stay in bed, I'm trying to cure my sweet thooth (no success), and all that I really want to do is take my sewing machine and sew, maybe watch a movie and fall asleep in the sofa and decorate! Just because I don't have the time to do it. But I'm happy, I love doing a lot. I just wish I had time in my head to go to the gym...
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And thank you for keeping visiting le blog, even though I have not written in almost 1 moth,  I see you and my heart fills with love, you are the best!

Hair issues

As always I ask myself, what do I want to do with my hair this spring? I'm not into doing blonde-ish highlights but I'm playing with the idea of a grey-ish highlights to my hair, or maybe I'll just go chocolate brown, or do the ombre thingy that was so 2014. I may not be sure about the colour but I know that I want to keep it long and maybe some bangs! Oh, life, how come I always have this issues?!
Och dagen har kommit, vad ska det bli av mitt hår? Jag tänker mig grå/vita slingor som något nytt och fräsch, men alla odds är emot mig, de säger att jag borde ta koppar-aktiga slingor i mitt hår, men ack, är så trött på såna slingor! Jag kanske bara kör safe och färgar allt chokladbrunt! Eller så kör vi något ombre grej med håret, aj, så svårt! Dock kommer längden att behållas. Jag tror jag är sugen på långa längder igen. Observera att jag använder ordet tro för egentligen har jag ingen aning vad jag vill med mitt hår....

Those Eyes

No words, no commets, just a reminder to myself that you must be able to say no to those eyes.