The circle of violence

That is the name of my paper. Since I started this Master program I have only writting about fashion and it is because this is my field and I just love it. So even though we don't really talk about fashion I just apply every subjuect to it, for example, this course is about violence and therefor I try to search for violence relantionship within the fashion sphere. The course before that was about animals and nature and we had to speak in a conference about our paper, my subject was called:
A Zoo outside the Zoo: Dressing up - a way of becoming more animalistic
Print screen from Prezi
So this is my everydaylife, and even though I just wish I could do something else than just read I still love it. And from 5 june until the beginning of November I'm free from uni, so I'm going to be working with something really exciting. More about it in another blogpost.

Summer Hair 2017

I have told you before, only one woman can touch my hair and she makes miraculous! So this is my summer hair with chocolate brown highlights and some lighter splashes of highlights to give it a summery feeling! I just love it and somehow I long for the fall when I get to try a darker version on this highlights. I'm just in such a happy place.

7 Daring Fashion Trends to Try Before Turning 30

I found this list at Elle´s website and I just had to read it, I turn 30  TODAY and just for fun I wanted to know if I had any more fashion box to check off. And I can happily say I have tried them all. Yes, that's the fashionista in me. Here are the trends:
1. IDGAF Logos
 I know that I have worn this type of fashion but I just can't find any photos or remember what kind of  garment it was. I know that I did not have the Juice sweatpants or anything similar, but other kind of logos on garmets sound a lot like me when I was between 14-22.
2. Backless for Day
2009 / 2017
Backless has been one fashion I adopted during my teenage years. I wore it as often as I could and it did not matter if it was during the day or night. And still have som backless garments that I still use during the summer. I'll try to snap a photo so you can see it. But above you find a dress a wore this January to a wedding, backless-ish
3. Exposed Underwear
Åh, that time when I wore black underwear under a white blouse. Now I would go with a beige bracier instead, to create a smoother look, but if I feel a bit Rock & Roll I always put on the black lace.
4. Novelty Hosiery
So many memories, so many patterns and today I still have pattern hosiery but I would say that I try to choose a more classical pattern, like only stripes or zigzag, instead of combining different.
5. Concert Merch
 I have never bought a garment in a concert, mainly because I have not been to that many concerts in my life. But concert-merch-look-a-likes garmets, yes, of course I have been wearing this, mostly in form of t-shirt and hoodies! It is like faking that you have been there!
6. Disco-Rave Platforms
Jeffrey Campbell Foxy
I might be 178 cm long but once upon a time these babies belonged to me and I was supertall! But they were not that comfortable and impossible t walk in if the ground was uneven, so I sold them to someone that would give them more love and time then I could.
7. Skirt/Dress Over Pants
 Oh yes, I wore this fashion during the Spice Girls era, with the skirt over pants.  But now I have been remaking the fashion with dress over pants.The pic above is when I was pregnant and I have been doing the look even after the pregnancy but I just can't find the photos!
And with this I thank myself for 30 years of Fashion, and hope for many more to come. Happy Birthday to me!