Instagram versus reality
Aria is in a new phase that I just love, we are drawing and painting! So we got her some chalks but I think they are more for me then her.
The backside with chalks? The mess they leave! Since Aria loves sitting on the painted floor and then drags it all in to the apartment. We are painting outside in the balcony. The strangest thing is that I don't really care about the mess, I just love painting too much to disturb me.
And if you are curiose why our balcony is empty, it is because they are "fixing" our facades, so we are enjoing the warmest days in Sweden in our concrete balcony. Well at least we have chalks!
Arias socks are from Vintagefabriken, the dungarees are second hand from HM and the blouse is also second hand but from a brand I can't remember.