Ho ho HO!

I can't find them ny more but this are on my wishing list, from H&M
So the Christmas season is on and I'm so sorry for not updating the blog, as usual I'm busy studying, taking care of Aria, decorating and redecorating our home, baking, and yeah, we got sick as well. On top of that we took the yearly trip to Germany for some Christmas market and it was amazing! I have a new respect for germans and how they behave when you bring a baby, I only say RESPECT! So, I will try to empty my computer because I realise that I take 700 pictures every two moths so that's why my computer is always telling me that it does'nt have enough space. Well, at least a have a lot of memorys printed in pictures. And since we´re talking about printing, I'm going to send some of my favorites photos to Framkalla to print! I just have to sort through about 100000... pictures, so wish me luck!