Summer activity: Chilling with Aria

Mix of pics from this summer
I have been extremly absent this summer, or absent in the blog area and here is why, or one reason why. We have been hanging all summer with this amazing little girl, who really has her mothers spanish temper. Aria has been sick 2 or 3 weeks this summer so she and I have been hanging out then, and as soon as it was good weather we always did an activity after kindergarden, we went to the beach, or playground, went out for fika, to visit her grandparents, aunts and uncles or just spend some time with her tricycle, which she loves but still cant really use it herself. We have also used or balcony a lot and watered the plants, an activity she loves, and eating outside aswell. Oh well, that was this summer and I'm so happy that I got so much time to spend with her and Erik.

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